What is the Route 66 Weekly?

The Route 66 Weekly, is an informative, entertaining, and educational publication serving Monrovia, Ca.  Known in the industry as a restaurant publication, the Route 66 Weekly provides great content for folks to enjoy while waiting for their meal or beverage!  Having said that, we have expanded our distribution locations to more than just restaurants, cafes, coffee and beverage spots!

The Route 66 Weekly is helping to support a healthy business climate in Monrovia and the surrounding communities by providing a powerful medium for affordable, effective advertising.

Route 66 Weekly

Why the name?

Realizing that "Route 66" played a huge role in the development and success of our foothill communities, the Route 66 Weekly is following in its footsteps by supporting a healthy, vibrant business community.  "Route 66" literally paved the way for the communities we call home and the Route 66 Weekly continues that spirit by supporting the local community and businesses.