Reasons To Advertise

1. We’re Positive:
Route 66 Weekly is a family friendly publication filled with local events, jokes, trivia, etc.  Our goal is to spread a little joy.  And because we are committed to bringing a positive message, we only use content that is light-hearted or educational.  Bottom Line: Your advertisement will be seen when people are smiling!
2. Community Targeted:
Route 66 Weekly is a community based publication.  This allows you, as the advertiser, more control over your advertising campaign. Currently we’re publishing the Monrovia edition, however we plan to offer additional editions in the future.  As we expand we will give current advertisers priority over others to take advantage of the multi-zone exposure… and we’ll do it at a discount!
3. We’re Portable:
Aren’t all newspapers portable?  Yes… but the Route 66 Weekly is truly small and lightweight.  Folded, it’s an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper.  Being so compact, makes it convenient for people to take home.  Good news for you, as you just sent them home with a business card.  A billboard can’t do that!  Now suppose they show the issue to friends and family… more exposure!
4. Great Exposure:
You will find us in all the great locations:  Cafes, restaurants, library, chamber, etc.  The 50+ establishments we distribute to have a high amount of foot traffic.  However, we will continue to add more locations in the coming weeks.  We’re sure to hit the demographic you are targeting.
5. We’re Weekly:
Our content is fresh every week!  Publications that come out monthly or quarterly for instance, just don’t have the ability to hold an audience like us.  The Route 66 Weekly provides the regular contact with its readers that makes an advertising plan successful.
6. We’re Competitive:
At Route 66 Weekly, we recognize that businesses are watching their bottom line.  With that in mind, we offer several advertising options with competitive prices to fit your needs.
7. Exclusivity:  
Have you ever felt like your ad was competing with others in the same publication?  Our philosophy is simple, one advertiser per business type or category in each issue.  For example, one dentist, plumber, dog groomer, etc…  Your ads potential is maximized when your competition is LOCKED OUT!
8. We’re Free:
Like my father always said, free is fun!  In this case it’s not only fun but a smart strategy.  There’s nothing extra to get in the way of the readers and your ad, that’s smart!
9. Quick Read:
Our content is light and quick, making it an attractive choice.  People will generally finish reading our content in 10 to 15 minutes.  That leaves them lots of time to check out your ad!
10. We’re Different:
From our theme to our content, the Route 66 Weekly evokes a certain nostalgia, a feeling almost lost in todays hi-tech world of gadgets and gizmos.  Surprisingly fresh we are not like any other local print publication around.